It's hard to get an email, but it's easy to get a rating & an answer!

A simple, privacy-friendly rating bar with a question for your blog, product or website.

How much did you like this landing page?

Why you will get more feedback

Because LikeKnob is easy. With your current feedback system, you will not hear from the visitors who didn't like your page.

  • You might have a comment section, but most of your visitors will not comment. Because the comments will be public and most of these comment systems require a registration.
  • You might have an e-mail linked on your page, but most of your visitors will not email you. Because E-Mailing is time intensive.
  • You might have an analytics system, but you will not get any answers why your visitors liked your page. You have to find that out by trial and error.

Privacy / GDPR friendly!

This app tries to save only necessary data and the data is saved in an German Data Center. Only the following data is saved from your users:

  • The answer from your user.
  • The rating from your user.
  • The date when your user answered the question.

This should make it easy for you to comply with the GDPR.

How it works

The code for using this project is relatively simple: it doesn't create an iframe or so. It's just a little JS snippet. If you want to read the full code just look at it.

<div id="rating"></div>
<script src=""></script>
    var rating1 = document.getElementById('rating')
    likeKnob(rating1, "<uuid>", {})

"Best product ever! I use it every day and it's amazing!"

- Me, Creator of LikeKnob